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TableCurve2D Product Features

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  • Full 32-bit performance
  • Multitasking with 17 background thread curve-fit options
  • Advanced online help system
  • Drag and drop files for immediate fitting
  • Fully customizable 2D graphs
  • Smooth bitmap rendering of graphs
  • XY meter in graphs displays cursor coordinates
  • Global Reset options to undo all changes made to the data table*

Data Input

  • Up to 65,536 points in data table*
  • 16.4 million points can be filtered into table using averaging digital import filter
  • File types: ASCII, Excel (all versions through Excel 2000)*, Lotus, Quattro Pro, SigmaPlot, SPSS, dBase, DIF, Binary
  • Graphical XY column selection
  • Weights or standard deviations optionally assigned
  • Compare up to five data sets*
  • Automatically process replicate data sets

Data Management

  • Real-time smoothing with FFT, Loess, Savitzky-Golay, Gaussian Convolution, Eigendecomposition and Kaiser-Bessel time-domain smoothing* procedures
  • Real-time Fourier domain editing with exact-N FFT; data tapering
  • Eigendecomposition filtering to isolate components based on signal strength*
  • Graphical and numerical sectioning; graphically enable or disable data points
  • First and second order analytic derivatives for all built-in equations*
  • Multiple curve-fit references on a single graph (up to 4 references)*
  • Apply calculations to X, Y and Weight values
  • Spreadsheet-like data editing with optional graphing of data as they are entered

Output and Export

  • Publication quality printed graphs with full print preview
  • Image formats include bitmaps, metafiles, enhanced metafiles and device independent bitmaps
  • File formats include ASCII, Excel, Lotus, SigmaPlot and Harvard Graphics Professional reports with MS Word or RTF export that includes graphs and numeric results; available for all major procedures*
  • Graphs can be half or full page, landscape or portrait mode all in a single document*

Equation Discovery and Curve Fitting :

  • 3,656 built-in equations
  • 3,205 mixed basis function linear
  • Even order and half order polynomials
  • 18 Chebyshev polynomials
  • 17 High-precision polynomials (fitted to 38 digits precision)
  • 10 Fourier-series polynomials
  • 57 standard, ln x, sqrt even, y-transformed, even order, and half order rationals
  • 17 Chebyshev rationals
  • 17 High-precision rationals (fitted to 38 digits precision)
  • 5 Fourier-series rationals
  • 36 Constrained (no singularity) non-linearly fit SVD rationals
  • 74 nonlinear peak equations
  • 29 nonlinear transition equations
  • 58 nonlinear kinetic equations
  • 13 nonlinear waveform and miscellaneous equations
  • Rapid searching, sorting and filtering of equations
  • User customizable equation sets
  • Full control of fit process, including goodness of fit criteria, matrix methods, minimization, and other options
  • AI Expert for automatic selection of peak, transition or kinetic models to be fitted
  • Three robust fitting methods available for all non-linear equations, user functions and external C/Fortran functions

Prediction Methods *

  • State-of-the-art Autoregressive procedures for forward/backward predictions/extrapolations.
  • 9 different procedures - 3 to predict ahead, 3 to predict earlier data, and 3 that predict in both directions.
  • In-situ noise removal using advanced SVD and Eigendecomposition methods
  • View complex roots, order selection criteria, singular values, residuals and numeric summaries
  • AR filter code generation is supported in all languages, plus export filter to disk

User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

  • UDF editor with push button help for inserting functions
  • UDFs automatically compiled for speed
  • Up to 15 UDFs can be fit at one time, each with up to 10 adjustable parameters
  • Graphical UDF adjustment procedure for refining starting estimates
  • UDFs can be saved as libraries

External 32-bit DLL User Defined Functions

  • Up to 100 external Fortran or C fitting functions with optional constraints
  • Fortran requires MS Fortran Powerstation v4+ C requires MS Visual C++ v4+ or Borland C++ v4.5+
  • Select all, none or specific equations

Non-Parametric Fitting

  • Spline estimation, including least-squares B-splines and NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines)
  • Smoothing spline estimation, including first through sixth derivatives
  • Local regression estimation

Estimation and Interpolation

  • Eight spline procedures*, 3 interpolation and 5 smoothing* including NURBS and least-squares B-splines with fixed, optimized, or user-specified knots*
  • Local regression spline estimation; 1st and 2nd derivatives*
  • Savitzky-Golay spline estimation; accurate derivatives orders 1-8; filter coefficients*
  • Fourier Interpolation; derivatives orders 1-4;*
  • Directly specify and plot output for all Estimation procedures*

Curve-Fit Analysis and Output


  • Evaluation option with automated table generation, includes function, derivatives, roots and cumulative area
  • Full numeric and statistical summary, including coefficients, standard error, confidence limits, ANOVA, goodness of fit, measured function and derivative minima and maxima, and poles reported for rational functions
  • Data summary with predicted values, residuals and confidence/prediction limits
  • Precision summary and term significance analysis


  • Curve-fit graph with zoom-out, customizable layout, labels, grids, scaling, points, font, titles and resolution
  • Confidence/prediction intervals (90, 95, 99, 99.9 and 99.99 percent)
  • Error bars for replicate-based data
  • Residuals graphs, separate or on Y2 axis of curve-fit graph, including bar graphs, histogram, and stabilized normal probability plot for assuring normality of residuals
  • Copy numerical data for any graph to clipboard as a spreadsheet block
  • Latent point processing enables disabling of outliers during equation inspection
* New in TableCurve 2D® 5.0


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