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SigmaPlot Overview

Whatīs New in SigmaPlot Version 12.5

This page will explain what we have done to not only improve the present version, but to improve it beyond the Version 11 design. We included the tree-structure Property Browser in Version 12 because we simply could not add features to the old Graph Properties panel. Because of the way the Graph Wizard was designed, a change in one panel required changes in all panels which made it increasingly difficult to do anything with the user interface.

So the present tree structure was used to allow continuous feature expansion — which it does. Unfortunately it has made the user interface difficult to use. The existence of the tree took up window real estate and it was easy to get lost in its multiple levels. In this release, Version 12.5, the tree structure is used in the background to allow expansion but, with one exception, it isnīt visible. The lost real estate will be regained and you wonīt get lost in the multiple tree levels.

The new Graph Properties is shown below. It is very much like the UI that you are used to in Version 11 except it is much better:

1. It is a combination of the object tree and properties approach in V12 and the Graph Properties layout of V11.

a. object tree on the left in figure below

b. properties on the right in figure below (they look just like the Graph Properties properties in V11)

2. The object tree is only two levels and the two levels are fixed and never disappear. Also the tree length is fixed in length.

This 1) avoids getting lost in multiple levels of the tree and 2) avoids getting lost in an "infinitely" long tree.

3. there arenīt any Graph Properties tabs like the Plot, Axis and Graph tabs in V11 — you donīt have to select a tab, everything is visible at once.

4. you click on a property and the graph changes instantaneously (V12 feature).

5. If the panel below covers part of the graph you can move the mouse cursor off the panel and the panel becomes partially transparent so that you can see the result through the panel (there is an option to turn this off).

Think about how this will work. Letīs say you want to modify an axis property. In the figure below you click on the left side to select an object (Widths), then click on the right to change a property, perhaps then move the cursor off the panel to see what happened behind the panel with the Widths adjustment, then make other changes by clicking on the left and clicking on the right, etc.

No tab clicking required as in Version 11, itīs all there right in front of you.