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SigmaPlot 12 Product Update

SigmaPlot 12.5 Update

  • Product: SigmaPlot
  • Version: SigmaPlot
  • Date: February 2013
  • Title: SPW_WebInstall.exe (115 MB)

Get the Update: Click Here (115 MB)

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the zipped file to your machine desktop
  • Unzip the installer file
  • Uninstall SigmaPlot 12.0, 12.1, 12.2 or 12.3 Release Version
  • Back up your files in the <user>\SigmaPlot\SPW12 folder if you have made changes to them. The exact profile folder depends on the operating system.
  • Delete that <user>\SigmaPlot\SPW12 folder
  • Double-click on the EXE file and install the program

What's in the update?

Over 50 significant modifications have been made in this update including both bug fixes and improvements to the user interface. Some of the most important are listed below:

SigmaPlot 12.5 Improvements

  • Combined the V12 Property Browser and some features of V11 Graph Properties to allow feature extensibility and improved ease of use.
  • Used Dynamic Update in the new Graph Properties to provide immediate graph update.
  • Removed the Graph, Plot and Axis tabs from the V11 design and replaced this with a fixed two-level tree. All items previously existing in those tabs can now be viewed at one time.
  • Simplified user interface to select tree node on left then change property on right.
  • Designed Graph Properties panel to allow clicking outside it.
  • Implemented the Current Group to allow selecting axes, plots and graphs from within Graph Properties.
  • Provided a Graph Properties transparency feature to allow viewing graph changes behind the dialog.
  • Reduced the size of Graph Properties to reclaim some window real estate.
  • Restored the Object Properties dialog and updated it with the new GDI+ features.
  • Modified the curve fit library (standard.jfl).
  • Implemented three additional weighting functions for each equation: 1/x, 1/x^2 and Cauchy.
  • Restored the APE functions in the Five Parameter Logistic 2 Slopes fit function.
  • Updated the Stat Transfer library for improved data import and export.
  • Added PDF vector export.
  • Improved EPS export.
  • Fixed an OLE display problem to make the size of a pasted object in Word or PowerPoint to be the same as the object inside SigmaPlot for a 100% zoom level.
  • Added Modify Plot to the right-click-on-page menu.
  • Added Transforms and Regressions to the help menu.
  • Added anti-aliasing to the right-click-on-page menu.
  • Removed number of data sets restriction in the ROC macro.
  • Fixed crash when a Graph is pasted repeatedly on the graph page.
  • Fixed disabled pasting (Ctrl-V) in report.
  • Fixed a JPEG export crash.
  • Fixed crash on opening SigmaPlot by double clicking a file.
  • Clarified missing browser Help error message.
  • Removed colored square behind 3D graph pasted into Powerpoint.
  • Replaced sort in Fit with Weight dropdown with user-entered order.
  • Changed Tolerance format in Regression Options panel to scientific.
  • Enabled copy and paste (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V) in Notebook Manager.
  • Fixed crash caused by cell formatting.
  • Corrected 3D axis positioning in TIFF export.
  • Corrected color problem with WMF graph export.
  • Corrected mis-indexing of data columns pasted into a report.
  • Fixed multi-color text string problem.
  • Fixed colors in cells which were not displayed when pasted from Excel.
  • Fixed description logic in Parallel Lines Analysis macro.
  • Fixed Tab key scrolling through page objects.
  • Fixed long decimal display of certain worksheet numbers.
  • Fixed non-sticky Cascade view.
  • Disabled not-applicable right click graph page items.
  • Fixed problem where the tooltip text is deleted for all macro buttons on the Toolbox tab.
  • Fixed the legend to be displayed after its plot has been cycled off then on.
  • Fixed shifting 3D axis titles when exported.
  • Fixed a crash caused by adding data to a box plot with a transparent fill.
  • Fixed disabled Modified Plot caused by a plot which now points to an empty column.
  • Fixed color transparency which was not reliably connected to slider position.
  • Fixed radar vectors to use color schemes.
  • Fixed bug causing a black background color in an unfilled contour plot.
  • Fixed crash when printing 3D graphs from the Notebook Manager.

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