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SigmaPlot 12 Product Update

SigmaPlot 12.3 Update

  • Product: SigmaPlot
  • Version: SigmaPlot
  • Date: May 2012
  • Title: SPW_WebInstall.exe (99.6 MB)

Get the Update: (90.4 MB)

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the file to your machine
  • Unzip the installer file
  • Uninstall SigmaPlot 12.0 or 12.1 Release Version
  • Back up your files in the <user>\SigmaPlot\SPW12 folder if you have made changes to them. The exact profile folder depends on the operating system.
  • Delete that <user>\SigmaPlot\SPW12 folder
  • Double-click on the EXE file and install the program

What's in the update?

Over 120 significant modifications have been made in this update including both bug fixes and additional graphing and statistical analysis features. Some of the most important are listed below:

SPW 12.3 Improvements

  1. Improved overall program stability.
  2. Fixed many controls in the Property Browser and how the properties  are displayed on the graph page.
  3. Improved macro recording of the Property browser
  4. Improved cursor movement in the Property Browser.
  5. Fixed graph refreshing for complicated graphs with lots of data points.
  6. Improved display of graphs copied and pasted from one page to another.
  7. Improved exporting of graph pages and graph selections.
  8. Improved copying and pasting of graphs pasted into Word, Excel and Powerpoint, including transparent 3D graphs and the Paste To Powerpoint macro.
  9. Improved printing of graphs.
  10. Improved legend generation and display.
  11. Fixed result graphs for Linear Regression tests with Confidence & Prediction selected.
  12. The speed of the drawing of graphs with spline curves has been improved.
  13. Improved the graph mini toolbars.
  14. Re-enabled the DPI combo box in the graph export dialog when exporting EMF files. The DPI value controls the resolution of any embedded bitmaps in the metafile like bitmap fill patterns.
  15. Improved the Installation of SigmaPlot 12 when SigmaPlot 11 was previously installed.
  16. Improved global curve fitting for non US Operating Systems.
  17. Fixed the running of an equation if more than 100 parameters are used when Global Fit Wizard or Regression is used.
  18. Changed the "Fit with weight window" in the Equation Options panel of the Regression Wizard to be a dropdown.
  19. Improved error messages for the One-Sample signed rank test.
  20. Fixed curve fit line data errors generated when the X axis is "Date & Time" and "Extend fit to axis" is selected.
  21. Fixed use of the Standard Curves macro on non-US systems.
  22. Modified the approximation methods for derivatives to be very accurate but also able to produce good approximations for very small parameter values (approx. < 1.0E-015).
  23. Improved the Fit Results panel of the Regression Wizard to give the user the ability to produce a report even if convergence is not obtained after the maximum number of iterations is reached.
  24. Modified the sample file NonLin.jnb to add examples of different weighting techniques and implicit fitting. 
  25. Added context sensitive help in places where it was not available.
  26. Modified the content for Enzyme Kinetics help and the help for the Toolbox on the ribbon interface.
  27. Improved content in the FAQ on the web page.
  28. Fixed problems launching help topics from the help menu using a web browser.
  29. Fixed the reversal of the OVR/INS control.
  30. Improved the handling of spw.ini on machines with both Sigmaplot 11 and 12 installed.
  31. Improved the interaction between Sigmaplot and Excel.
  32. Modified Quick Start so the worksheet and graph are tiled when complete.
  33. Improved data handling with data pasted from Excel.
  34. Fixed Importing of data from XLSX files.
  35. Fixed exporting worksheets when using the .csv format
  36. Improved worksheet behavior including engineering notation and the Rounding of data.
  37. Improved the formatting of Engineering notation in the worksheet.
  38. Fixed Excel integration with SigmaPlot.

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