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Feedback, Feature Request & Bug Report

Welcome to the SYSTAT Software Feedback, Feature Request and Bug Report Submission Form. You can use this form to send your wishes for the features you'd like to see in future versions of our products. You can also use this form to inform us about any bugs you may have found in our software.

We at SSI read all messages sent through this form. We use the information you provide to improve our products and services. The feedback, comments and suggestions you provide are very important to us and we appreciate you for taking the time to fill this form.

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bullet SigmaPlot®
  Exact Graphs and Data Analysis
bullet SigmaScan®
  Automated Image Analysis
bullet TableCurve 2D®
  Automated Curve Fitting Analysis
bullet TableCurve 3D®
  Automated Surface Fitting Analysis
bullet PeakFit®
  Automated Peak Separation Analysis
bullet AutoSignal
  Easy Signal Analysis
bullet SYSTAT®
  More Statistics, More Graphs,
Less Effort !
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