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  • Full 32-bit performance
  • Toolbars and menu-driven for all functionality
  • No programming of procedures, algorithms or graphing
  • Advanced on-line help system

Non-Parametric Spectral Analysis

  • AR spectral methods offer accurate frequency estimation with short data records
  • AR spectrum methods: AR spectrum, AR with order exploration, AR with algorithm comparison
  • 14 AR algorithms: autocorrelation method, maximum entropy method (Burg), least-squares normal equations, least-squares covariance models and modified covariance models, singular value decomposition methods
  • Model order selection and order exploration
  • Moving average spectrum
  • ARMA spectrum
  • Prony Spectrum offers fitting of damped sine and damped exponential that occur in multi-component exponential decays
  • Minimum Variance Spectrum

Eigen Analysis Spectrum

  • Eigen Analysis Spectrum provides accurate and robust spectral procedures for estimating harmonic frequencies
  • Provides excellent signal-noise separation
  • Graphically select signal and noise sub-space; also available in certain parametric procedures

Data Processing

  • Non-Linear Optimization offers parametric refinement of spectral estimates: least-squares, maximum likelihood
  • Fourier Interpolation
  • Fourier Upsampling
  • Parametric Interpolation and Prediction
  • Graphically inspect the autocorrelation series
  • Detrend: Constant, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, Hyperbolic
  • Difference the data with adjustable order and lag, compute various cumulatives and normalize for unit area, unit power, unit standard deviation and zero mean
  • Add or subtract a reference signal
  • Compare imported reference signals
  • Gaussian deconvolution or exponential deconvolution to remove instrument response smearing
  • Find long-term "memory effects" in flat frequency response signals with Fractal Dimension option

Numeric Review

  • Full component numeric summary report include: procedure, algorithm, listing of interpolated spectral peaks, frequency analysis and linear least-squares fit summary
  • List data offers extended data summary with results from each of the procedure such as frequency, magnitude, phase and power spectral density
  • Goodness of fit statistics: r2, degrees of freedom adjusted r2, fit standard error, F-statistic
  • Evaluation option with automated table generation, includes function, derivatives, roots and cumulative volume; X values can be generated or imported from file

Output and Export

  • Publication-quality printed graphs
  • Image formats include bitmaps, metafiles, enhanced metafiles and device-independent bitmaps
  • File formats include ASCII, Excel, Lotus, SYSTAT, SPSS
  • Export numerical summaries and graphs to MS Word RTF documents

Data Input

  • Up to 65,536 points in data table
  • Over 65.4 million points can be filtered into table using decimation import filter
  • ASCII (Single, X-Y and Multi-column)
  • Excel (Excel 97, Excel 95, v5, v4, v3)
  • Lotus 123 (WK4, WK3, WK1)
  • Quattro Pro (WB2, WB1)
  • SigmaPlot (JPG, SPW, SP5)
  • SPSS (SAV v7.5, v8 and v9)
  • SYSTAT (SYD v8)
  • Waveform (WAV MS PCM 8, 16, 32 bit)
  • DIF (Single, X-Y and Multi-column)
  • dBase (DBF III+, IV)
  • Import Preview graphs prospective data
  • Separate append options that automatically averages replicates

Fourier Spectral Analysis

  • Procedures: Fourier Spectrum, Fourier Spectrum with Data Window, Fourier Spectrum with Data Window Comparison, Fourier Spectrum of Segmented Data, Fourier Multitaper Spectra, Fourier Spectrum of Unevenly Sampled Data (Lomb-Scargle)
  • Transforms: FFT Radix2, Prime Facto, Mixed Radix, Chirp-Z, Best Exact-N
  • Zero pad
  • 30 tapering windows:
  • Fixed: none, Welch, Bisquare, Bartlett, cs2 Hanning, Tukey-Hanning, cs2 Hamming, Bartlett Mod, cs3 Nuttall C3, cs3 Blackman, cs3 Blackman-Harris 3, cs3 Nuttall C1, cs3 Blackman Exact, cs3 Blackman-Harris min, cs3 Nuttall min, cs4 Nuttall C5, cs4 Blackman-Harris 4, cs4 Nuttall C3, cs4 Nuttall C1, cs4 Blackman-Harris min, cs4 Nuttall min
    Adjustable: Beta, csx max Roll-off, Kaiser-Bessel, VanderMaas, Chebyshev, Chebyshev Appr, Slepian DPSS, Gaussian, Tapered-Cosine
  • Compare up to 4 tapering windows simultaneously
  • Measure data window properties: mainlobe, sidelobe, roll-off

Time-Frequency Spectral Analysis

  • Short-Time Fourier Transform Spectrum uses a series of segmented and overlapped FFTs to find Fourier spectral information for non-stationary data
  • Continuous Wavelet Spectrum multi-resolution time-frequency techniques: 3D surface, contour, power integration across time or frequency
  • Wavelet spectra can be generated with up to 100 linear or logarithmic frequencies
  • Adjustable mother wavelets: Morlet, Paul, Gaussian Derivative
  • Zero padding available
  • Full critical significance limits available as 3D gradients
  • Graphical rendering of cone of influence
  • Automated power analysis by integrating interpolated wavelet spectrum surface

Filtering and Reconstruction

  • Fourier Smoothing and Denoising: frequency or signal threshold filtration
  • Eigen decomposition Smoothing and Denoising: signal strength threshold filtration
  • Wavelet Smoothing and Denoising: thresholds in the time-frequency domain for non-stationary data
  • Fourier Filtering and Reconstruction: Fourier domain filtering and component isolation procedure
  • Eigen decomposition Filtering and Reconstruction: isolates individual oscillatory components in signals
  • Wavelet Filtering and Reconstruction: isolates in the time-frequency domain
  • Savitzky-Golay Smoothing filter: includes smoothing to 1st through 4th derivative
  • Spline Estimations: cubic, cubic constrained, smoothing cubic, B-spline, B-Spline Fix knots, B-spline Optimal knots, NURBS
  • Adjustable order Loess with tricube and Gaussian weighting

Significance Levels

  • Unique Peak-based critical limit levels to ascertain the significance of the spectral components
  • Critical limits plotted are: 50%, 90%, 95%, 99%, 99.9% (uses color gradients for wavelets)
  • Peak-type critical limits are based on Monte Carlo trials with algorithms exactly as implemented
  • Can specify AR-1 red-noise background spectrum option

Production Facility

  • Batch process large numbers of data sets in an unattended procedure
  • Import up to 64,515 data sets from Excel 95/97 with up to 255 worksheets and multiple columns per worksheet
  • Acquire data using simple DLL interface
  • Automatically export numerical summaries and/or graphs to MS Word RTF documents
  • Automatically export results of analysis to an Excel 95/97 file




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