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Systat Software, Inc., in Collaboration with Rescentris, Releases SigmaCERF an Electronic Lab Notebook for Life Scientists

San Jose, CA, March 13th, 2009

Systat Software, Inc., (SSI) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Rescentris, Inc. of Columbus, OH, to globally offer their joint product, SigmaCERF - an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and knowledge management platform for life science research organizations.

CERF, Collaborative Electronic Research Framework™, is a unique ELN solution designed specifically for scientists and R&D organizations. SigmaCERF™ unifies management of lab data and electronic record-keeping. Projects, documents, data, and notebooks are managed centrally on a secure server but can be created and utilized from anywhere on the Internet. Industry experts predict the market for ELN to be one of the fastest technology growth areas as biotech organizations strive for maximum efficiency and safe access to IP records. To serve life sciences organizations, SigmaCERF™ is cross-platform, highly scalable, and 21CFR11-compliant.

 “Lab notebooks are used by scientists and technicians to document research, protocols, experimental data and outcomes. The move from paper-based notebooks to electronic formats is very real with one-third of all biopharmaceutical organizations having at least one system installed today. We are excited to partner with a technology leader like Rescentris who has the vision and experience to develop an ELN solution that works the way biologists work – with additional modules for other scientific disciplines. Our SigmaPlot, SigmaStat and SYSTAT customers can now source tools that cater to different aspects of their research process from one single reliable source.” states Dr. Leland Wilkinson CTO, SSI.

The award-winning CERF technology brings flexibility, collaboration, and security to major research organizations and boosts R&D performance through a variety of unique capabilities. CERF utilizes semantic web technologies to enable extensibility and integration of the numerous data sources and applications used by life scientists. More than replacing paper, CERF organizes daily research activities for the scientist and the team – users access their data, tools and workflow and never leave the scientific desktop of CERF. The SigmaCERF™ platform further enables the delivery of the rich data analysis and publishing components provided by Systat.

“Partnering with Systat makes a lot of sense for Rescentris and our customers,” said Jeff Spitzner, PhD, President of Rescentris, Inc. “Systat has been in the scientific software market for 25 years and understands the need for innovation and quality that scientists expect. Their global sales and support infrastructure, combined with a strong focus on Life Sciences, will accelerate CERF’s deployment and assure that current and new customers receive high-level software support, maintenance and rapid feature extensions. We are particularly proud to join forces with Systat’s global development teams in the US, Germany and India to bring best-of-breed solutions to the life sciences market.”

About Systat Software, Inc.:

Systat Software, Inc. ( provides specialized scientific software products and services for the environmental sciences, life sciences, behavioral sciences, medical research and engineering in the areas of data analysis, technical graphing, gene regulation and lab management. Systat’s products are tailored to meet the exacting requirements of the scientific community and this, coupled with ease of use and enhanced functional capabilities, has resulted in over 150,000 highly satisfied customers around the world. Users of SigmaPlot include government organizations, academic institutions and leading corporations across the globe. SigmaPlot’s global reach across 37 countries is backed by technical support centers in key locations worldwide such as the US, UK, Germany and India.

About Rescentris Inc.

Rescentris ( is The Biology ELN Company™. It provides CERF electronic laboratory notebook and scientific content management software solutions that enable R&D organizations to create, capture, organize, and share their knowledge assets. CERF offers a unified desktop for researchers and delivers enterprise business and scientific performance improvements and enhances productivity and decision-making. CERF is used globally by life sciences organizations seeking to protect their R&D investments, by securing intellectual property (IP), and maximizing the value of information assets.

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