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Systat Software Introduces Sigmaplot 9.0® for Expanded Scientific Graphing and Data Analysis Capability

SigmaPlot 9.0 Now Fully Integrates With Sigmastat 3.1® To Provide Users With Powerful Statistical Output and improved Publication-Quality Graph Creation

Point Richmond, Calif. - August 9, 2004

Systat Software, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of award-winning scientific software and services, today launched SigmaPlot 9.0®, the easy-to-use technical graphing and data analysis software package for scientists and engineers who need to create exact, publication-quality graphs that best present their research results. Used by more than 100,000 researchers worldwide, SigmaPlot is widely recognized as the leading technical graphing software to confidently analyze research data and produce meaningful graphs for presentation, publication or web posting.

Unlike spreadsheets, business graphing and other data analysis software packages, SigmaPlot 9.0 is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional researchers and offers a full range of graphing templates and toolbar palettes that allow users to easily customize every aspect of their graphs to communicate the most important elements of their research.

SigmaPlot 9.0 now fully integrates with SigmaStat 3.1®, an easy-to-use, step-by-step guided statistical analysis software package for scientists who are not statisticians. This allows researchers to access more than 30 of the most frequently used statistical procedures to analyze scientific research directly from the SigmaPlot statistics menu. The SigmaStat Advisor Wizard is also available within SigmaPlot to help choose the appropriate test and avoid statistical error. This combination of powerful but easy-to-use statistical analysis with publishable-quality graphics arms researchers with all the fundamental tools needed to produce and share defensible research.

" We live or die by our publication record, and Sigmaplot is by far the best program I've found to prepare extremely high-quality, customized, figures and graphs, " said Professor J. Lindsay Whitton, M.D., Ph.D, Depts. of Neuropharmacology & Immunology, Scripps Research Institute, " SigmaPlot helps me present my data in a compelling manner. "

New SigmaPlot 9.0 Features:

Improved Graphing Enhancements

With SigmaPlot's new graphing enhancements users will only be limited by their imagination, not the software. Prominently differentiate groups in the data and highlight trends among these groups with the addition of more than 30 rotatable symbols. Quickly create intelligent histograms that characterize distribution(s) and avoid unnecessary steps to produce multiple comparison charts with the new category data formats in the Graph Wizard that instantly generate graphs that compare groups. Users have the ability to share graphs and format reports the way they want with a multitude of export options including PDF and HTML.

Additional Data Analysis Capabilities

SigmaPlot provides all the fundamental tools needed to analyze data from basic statistics to advanced mathematical calculations. Researchers will appreciate the additional statistical options for nonlinear curve fitting, Regression Wizard improvements for assumption verification and Plot Equation and Solver improvements, including multi-line equations and the ability to solve a range of values simultaneously. Additionally, with SigmaStat integration, users can perform deeper statistical analysis within the SigmaPlot statistics menu.

Streamlined User Interface and Workflow Efficiency

SigmaPlot 9.0 streamlines data entry with ODBC compliant import and new worksheet enhancements that work more like MS Excel. With new worksheet features such as multiple undo, empty cell formatting, row and column title flexibility and multiple sorting options, users can easily navigate through data. The new browser-style Notebook Manager allows for quick navigation between worksheets, graphs and reports within multiple notebooks, optimizing a users' viewing space on the computer screen.

Added Security Features

SigmaPlot 9.0 now comes with additional security measures that enable users to password protect individual data files in their Notebook Manager and allows secure use of a single computer running SigmaPlot by multiple users.

" By integrating the intuitive statistical output of SigmaStat 3.1 with the improved capabilities of SigmaPlot 9.0, we continue to build upon our industry-leading graphing software and set new standards for the scientific graphing and data analysis market, " said Richard Gall, President of Systat Software, Inc., "Systat Software is committed to listening and responding to the valuable feedback from our customers, resulting in award-winning software that anticipates and meets the current and future needs of researchers around the world. "

Cost and availability information:

SigmaPlot 9.0 and SigmaStat 3.1 are available for purchase at or by calling (800) 797-7401 and a free fully functional demo version is available for download from the Systat website. SigmaPlot 9.0 prices (per single user): $699.00 for corporations and $499.00 for academic R&D institutions. SigmaStat 3.1 prices (per single user): $599.00 for corporations and $499.00 for academic R&D institutions. Upgrades, multi-user and government discounts, and special bundle pricing are also available by calling (800) 797-7401.

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