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"As a longtime SigmaScan Pro user, I'm very pleased with version 5.0. It's efficient and fast, and I don't know of any other program that offers the flexibility of SigmaScan Pro."
-- Daniel Samborsky Research Engineer Montana State University

"The powerful automation features provide limitless opportunities to scientists in any imaging application."
-- Dr. Farid Bal'a Research Scientist Mississippi State University (Food Science and Technology)

"SigmaScan Pro combines ease of use with the features (including the ability to handle very large images) that I need and has the best histogram that I've seen among IA software packages. It is easy to configure the software in precisely the way I want it."
-- Peter Lee Senior Scientist University of Wisconsin-Madison

"SigmaScan makes image measurements so easy that I'll never go back to my old expensive system."
-- Rick Lemaster Scientist

"The histogram stretch and zooming features are intuitive and easy to use. Measuring areas was very quick and easy. I just outlined my region of interest with my mouse and the area measurements showed up automatically in the worksheet."
-- Peter Eastman Conservation Department, Art Museum

"SigmaScan Pro .... is a wonderful product, the features on color are great. It's easy to work with, it's logical, it's intuitive, it's the fastest way. We are fans of the product."
-- Prof. Elsa Sampaio (Dept. of Geo-science) Prof. Joao Sampaio (Dept. of History) Universidade de Evora Evora - Portuga

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